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"Mr President, firstly allow me to express my personal sympathy and that of my constituents in Northern Ireland following the recent abhorrent attacks and loss of life. Today, we stand with communities in France and in northern Nigeria, and indeed with those from the Jewish community experiencing the awful rise of anti-Semitism. As a Member of this Parliament from Northern Ireland, I know all too well how the threat and the out-workings of terrorism can have devastating consequences, not only for the victims and their families, but also for a nation’s consciousness. In Northern Ireland we are privileged to have committed police and armed forces, and today as we assess anti-terrorism measures across Europe, Member States must ensure that their forces are given all the necessary resources to succeed in this fight against terror. The rallies in Paris and across France show a resilience of character that says the bullet and bomb will not prevail. Such resilience of character was also evident in my community as the IRA waged a campaign of terror. We held similar rallies after the Enniskillen bomb, after the Omagh bomb and other atrocities and, while the IRA was defeated, sadly for many justice still evades them and those scarred by terrorist activities. Today’s debate is about stopping terrorism, but every day we in this House must focus on the rights and needs of victims of terrorism."@en1

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