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"I voted in favour of this resolution. Free and pluralistic media are a cornerstone of democracy. Turkey has committed itself to democracy through the accession talks with the EU. Despite Ankara’s commitment, according to Reporters without Borders Turkey has become one of the biggest prisons for people representing media. In the 2013 Gezi park demonstrations, 39 journalists were detained and 153 were injured. Self-censorship was applied, so that the violent demonstrations were more present in European media than in Turkish. Currently more than 70 journalists are subject to legal proceedings for having exposed and informed about corruption cases involving high level politicians, including the Prime Minister. The investigating parliamentary committee last week decided to drop its investigations. It was rather ironic to see the Turkish foreign minister showing solidarity with French victims of free speech in Paris on January 11, when at home in Turkey, media freedom is constantly under threat. I urge our Turkish neighbours to pledge for democratic values in their actions and not only in words. Turkey’s best guarantee for prosperity and European future is a vibrant democracy."@et1

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