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"I voted in favour of the EPP Group resolution on the Commission Work Programme for 2015. I would like to underline the call to focus on key priorities and thus to enforce needed legislation and to remove obstacles. The digital single market is both a short- and long term key priority, thus rapid progress is needed so that appropriate legislation is put in place. We need to accomplish the Data Protection Directive, Telecoms Single Market and Network and Information Society Directive this year! I especially support the paragraph on cutting red tape that calls for reducing bureaucratic burdens by 25 % and establishing independent assessments in order to measure the administrative burden and related costs of new proposals, including a mandatory SME test. Finalising TTIP talks this year is crucial for transatlantic relations; we cannot drag out these negotiations forever. We need to agree now and create the biggest free trade area based on democratic values and principles. Agreeing on an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive TTIP respecting EU social, environmental and consumer standards will give a new impetus to economic growth, but also set standards on a global scale that others could follow."@et1

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