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"Mr President, Egypt is still reeling from the effect of the Arab Spring. It relies heavily on the tourist industry, and I can testify to that having been there myself. Any perception of instability or danger drives away tourists and increases poverty and despair. Sadly that industry now lies in ruin. About a year ago the country’s military dictatorship issued death sentences against 188 defendants, including journalists, political opponents and innocent protestors. The trials were deeply flawed. Freedom House, a much respected international organisation, recently issued a very disappointing report ranking Egypt as one of the worst countries in terms of free society. It noted with concern the lack of political and civil rights, and another charitable organisation, Open Doors, has stated that Egypt lacks any religious liberty. We now learn with shock and horror that the dictator Hosni Mubarak has been cleared of all charges of conspiracy in the killings of hundreds of protestors and the embezzlement of huge sums of money desperately needed by Egypt’s citizens. Egypt’s record with its neighbours and especially Ethiopia is appalling. It denies them the fundamental right of access to the waters from the Nile, although in fact 85% of the water has Ethiopia as its source."@en1

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