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"It is encouraging to see a strong EP position in expressing solidarity with Ukraine and its people, reiterating our commitment to the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, inviolability of borders and European choice of Ukraine. It is significant that EP recognises not merely "European perspective" for Ukraine but clearly states that as a European state Ukraine may apply for EU membership. But first, EU has to provide structural, financial aid to Ukraine to best support the country┬┤s efforts in conducting reforms, eradicating corruption, and re-building what has been destroyed last year. Secondly, EU has to be adamant in maintaining non-recognition policy towards Crimea. Also, EU together with UN need protect Tatar minority against violent and arbitrary persecution and forced exile, basically deportation. Most importantly, EU needs to maintain and in fact, seriously consider expanding sanctions towards Russia. These sanctions have had a clear effect on Russia; it would absolutely irresponsible to start to soften them. EU can only, and only then, give in, when Russia has fully and tangibly fulfilled Minsk agreement. Ukrainian and European security cannot be diluted by short-term national economic considerations. This is a war of nerves, and EU, based on solidarity with victims and European values has all the advantages if it can demonstrate strong nerves."@et1

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