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"Mr President, I would like to thank the High Representative for her assessment of the situation in Libya and of the potential within the current talks process. In the middle of the variety of very pressing issues in that particular state, I want to focus the attention of this House for a moment on two in particular. Firstly, High Representative, I want to thank you for your letter to me of 7 January 2015 regarding compensation from the Libyan authorities for the innocent victims of Irish Republican terrorism in Northern Ireland. The Gaddafi regime funded a campaign of terror and death in Northern Ireland with their partners in the IRA. Negotiations between UK representatives and the Libyan authorities have stalled during the internal fragmentation and violence that Libya is now experiencing. However, the innocent victims of Libyan-sponsored terrorism in Northern Ireland need to see justice and compensation, and we need your support, High Representative, to achieve that. I am asking you to make this a priority of your term of office and to talk and meet with these innocent victims in Northern Ireland. I hope that you can find the time to do this fairly soon. Finally, the issue of the persecution of Christians who live in Libya. We of course have seen the results of violent extremism in France in the last week. Those are dreadful and sad scenes. However, Libyan Christians have lived with these scenes for a very long time. They need your support; they need the support of this Chamber and of the European Union institutions."@en1

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