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"Mr President, I join with you and others in utterly condemning what has happened and in sympathising with the families and friends of those affected. It was quite something to see millions of people on the streets of Paris and elsewhere – sincere, worried, and, in some cases, very frightened people. However, there were also 40 significant, important political leaders, and they too were using the language of unity and solidarity; but I am afraid, for them is simply not enough, because we need now to have an honest admission that, actually, our political decisions have led to much of what has happened. Just think about foreign policy: from Afghanistan, through Iraq to Libya, and even the attempt to seek to arm the rebels in Syria. We were told that all of this was done to make our streets safer. In fact, what we have done is to stir up very deep resentment within much of the Muslim community, and it has had the very opposite of the desired effect. We have pursued policies of mass immigration at a rate that has made it frankly impossible for many new communities to integrate. For that, I think, we have to hold our hands up. Perhaps worst of all, we have been guilty of weakness, of lack of courage and of a lack of assertion in who we are as people, and we have turned a blind eye within many of our minority communities to practices that would not be tolerated in the rest of the population. Indeed, we have allowed preachers of hate to go around saying things that are totally unacceptable. The result of all this is that we have, I am sad to say, a fifth column that is living within our own countries and is utterly opposed to our values. How we deal with that problem is vital for the future. We must embrace the vast majority of Muslims, who themselves are horrified at the civil war that is going on within Islam. But unless we are prepared to admit our own culpability in much of what has happened, we are not going to be able to find solutions. I would suggest for the future, however, that we are going to have to be a lot braver and a lot more courageous in standing up for our Judeo-Christian culture."@en1

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