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"I voted for the ratification of the Association Agreement with Georgia. It is a step forward for a country which is struggling for democracy. We need to continue to support Georgia on its way to the European family, to resist the oppression of the Russian Federation and to overcome the consequences of internal conflicts in the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I support enhanced cooperation with Georgia’s reform efforts. The judicial system must become more independent and effective, fully functioning and properly staffed. Other specific objectives identified in the last report of Freedom House, such as confiscating criminal assets, convicting money launderers and targeting misuse of public funds should be encouraged and observed as metrics of success. While the government of Georgia has been taking important steps, the difficult task of fully implementing reforms still lies ahead. The EU should continue to push the Georgian Government, through the Association agenda, to continue the fight against organised crime, corruption, fraud and money laundering at all levels. I call on the Member States to ratify the Association Agreement as soon as possible, so that all its provisions can enter into force without delay."@ro2

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