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"Madam President, we should not allow the immediacy of the crisis in Ukraine to blind us to older instances of Putinite revanchism. Here is a situation where Russia continues to occupy part of a sovereign neighbouring country, but this is not just about territory and it is not just about annexations. Something bigger is in the balance. If I can borrow a 19 century Russian analogy, this is a conflict that we have seen throughout the former Soviet Union between what we might call Slavophiles and Westernisers, between those who choose democracy and those who choose the between those who want a liberal society and those who want an autocratic society. Essentially it is about the rule of law. It is about not having governments that get to make up the rules as they go along without there being any independent authority. Of course, it is for the people of Georgia – as it is for the people of Ukraine and every other country – to make their decision, but if they choose the direction of Western liberal values, then we have a duty to support them. By ‘we’ I do not just mean the European Union, I mean the entire Euro-Atlantic community. Force of arms should never be allowed to trump force of argument. ."@en1

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