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"The human rights violations currently occurring in Sudan are reprehensible and must be dealt with urgently. The unjust arrest of Dr Medani is only one among the latest incidents in a long history of abuses by the Sudanese Government. Over the past year, Human Rights Watch reported serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law; Sudanese security forces continue to arrest and detain activists, opposition party members, and people suspected of links to rebel groups. I echo this resolution’s call to strongly denounce the arbitrary arrest and detention of Dr Medani and to consider it as a reprisal to sanction his legitimate human rights activities. I want to stress the importance of the recent signed Agreements on the National Dialogue and Constitutional Process as being instruments in making progress towards national peace, reconciliation and democratic governance in Sudan. Thus, I strongly urge the Commission, the Member States and all the international stakeholders to support this initiative and the Sudanese people in their transition to an internally reformed democracy and to make all the necessary efforts for the release of Dr Medani."@ro2

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