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"I decided to abstain in the vote on the resolution concerning Palestinian statehood. I welcome the fact that the EP has clearly rejected unconditional recognition of Palestinian statehood and expresses cautious support for the two-state solution. Whereas I agree that violence in the region needs to stop, I would like to make reminder that Israel lives under constant threat from almost all its neighbours, which are using the Palestine argument to question the very existence and legitimacy of Israel. I do not find it possible to recognise Palestine until we see also unconditional recognition of Israel by its neighbouring Muslim countries. Whereas I fully respect the rulings by the European Court of Justice, I also regret the decision to remove Hamas from the EU terrorist list, apparently on procedural grounds. I would like these procedural grounds to be made public as soon as possible, so that such rulings would not be possible in the future. I call on the EU to appeal against this ruling. The very activities of Hamas, which continues to be a foreign-financed militant group that voices plans to destroy Israel and has sent thousands of rockets to hit Israeli civilians, is a major obstacle to recognition of the Palestinian state in its present condition."@et1

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