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"Mr President, we voted on the recognition of the Palestinian State. Although I think that the two-state solution might be one of the solutions, I had to vote against this resolution for the following reasons: first of all, supporting this resolution is a violation of the Oslo II Accord of 1995, Article 16.7, stressing that both sides will do nothing to change the status of the Palestinian Authorities pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiations. Even the EU signed this agreement as a witness, so it seems we can question this signature now. Furthermore, the recognition of the Palestinian State with its current government might seem to be a recognition of the terrorist organisation Hamas, which is officially in government at the moment even though today I received an intriguing press release stating that the EU General Court is removing Hamas from the list of terrorist organisations on procedural grounds. This is intriguing after 13 years. Besides this, although I do recognise the rights of the Palestinians, recognition today will be an extra barrier to the peace negotiations. The statement calls it ‘in principle recognition’, but everyone will see it as a full recognition. For both Israel and Palestine, this would be a step back."@sk2

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