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"I voted in favour of this resolution. The EP resolution on the review of the EU’s internal security strategy comes at the right time, just after the Commission has announced that it plans to work on the review in 2015. I call on the Commission to make cyber-security and cyber resilience the underlying principles of the new ISS. Only by fully mainstreaming cyber-security into all aspects of internal and external security can we build proper resilience and prevent crisis. Cyber-security will also be at the core of the fight against terrorism and detecting European jihadists and their possible actions. We clearly need very close cross-sectorial and cross-border cooperation in order to be effective in the early detection and rapid notification of threats and incidents. We have to break the traditional cluster-thinking when it comes to security, especially in the EU with open borders and open societies. Proper balance between privacy and security, ensuring that actions follow appropriate procedures, will enable states to prevent incidents, terrorism and crime and provide citizens with the security they are entitled to."@et1

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