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"Madam President, modifying the terms of economic coordination across Europe is just another attempt to save the Currency That Does Not Work. The structural reform that we hear so much about often just means pay cuts and less stable employment. It will not save the Currency That Does Not Work, because Greece can never be Germany and Italy is not the Netherlands. Emperor Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned. Rome is not burning today, and that is a tribute to the stoicism of the Italian people, but the Currency That Does Not Work is putting the social fabric across southern Europe under very great strain – not only in Italy. The talent of the people is the biggest resource that we have, and therefore unemployment is the biggest waste. Yet the Currency That Does Not Work leads to people who have no work. Many across this Chamber who belong to groups and institutions that still pay lip service to the Currency That Does Not Work know, in their heart of hearts, that I am speaking the truth. It is time for you to speak up, for you to put the interests of the people before the grand and flawed ideology of ever-closer European integration. Those of you who are economically literate and knowledgeable know these things. You have been too quiet for too long, and now is the time for you to show some courage."@en1

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