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"I voted in favour of this resolution. An estimated EUR 260 billion in gains could come out of a fully integrated and completed digital single market. This money could be re-invested amongst others into the very ambitious plan President Juncker has just presented for the future of Europe, for growth, competitiveness and innovation. Investments and good partnerships are needed between the public and private sectors to set up highest-capacity broadband and telecommunications and to ensure adequate flows into innovation and research. The EU also needs to invest in enabling unhindered access for its citizens to these networks, and considerably boost efforts to overcome the digital divide. To turn Europe into e-Europe, the citizens also have to turn into e-citizens. E-government, e-services, e-commerce would simplify life and reduce administrative burdens for all levels, from individual to European. For that a comprehensive European e-certification, e-identification, digital signature system is needed. Lastly, the EU has to find a solution to geo-cashing and ensuring the EU as a whole is targeted as one digital single market without any prejudice towards country of origin. This is not only a question of free market and competition, but also of treating all Member States and their citizens on the same merits."@et1

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