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"I voted in favour of this resolution. I am extremely concerned about the significant delay in implementation of the cohesion policy for 2014-2020. Cohesion policy represents the main EU-wide investment policy in the real economy and is a catalyst for growth and jobs in Europe. It forms a major part of the EUʼs strategy to redress regional imbalances and inequalities, to assist diversification and the adaptation to industrial change, and to achieve economic, social and territorial cohesion. It is imperative to start the implementation of the new programmes as soon as possible in order to maximise the results of the investments, boost job creation and raise productivity growth. We must not lose time and must put forward solutions for limiting the damage of delays as much as possible. The EU bureaucracy should focus more on the real needs of the European people, regions and industrial sector and start to act in an efficient and proper manner. The overall goal should be building an innovative and competitive Europe which is functioning to fulfil the needs of European people."@et1

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