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"Future of Europe can only be built on competitiveness and solidarity based on trust, credible partnerships between public and private sector and cutting red tape. Future investments need to flow into innovation and completion of single market - energy, digital, services. The key of Junker's initiative lies in not accepting stagnation, but taking a risk by proposing a bold, modern and competent initiative. This should attract new investments worth up to 315 billion, not by taking loans or giving in regarding fiscal discipline as wished by the socialists, but instead by involving EIB to encourage active use of the money available in banks, ensuring guarantees by EIB and EU budget. The encouraging positive reaction by the bigger political groups, is what even the socialist leader Pittella described as entering a new era. One of core issues is cutting red tape on all levels in the EU. Considerable amounts of EU funding is not spent due to rigid and overcomplicated rules preventing SME-s, local authorities, farmers and others to benefit and thrive for growth. And finally we need to attract businesses to invest into public projects. This is possible only if public sector appears fiscally sustainable and stable. Fiscal discipline is core for building trust."@et1

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