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"Mr President, I welcome yesterday’s European Court of Justice ruling clarifying the right of Member States to deny social benefits to migrants not actively looking for a job. This underscores the complete baselessness of the claim that our national welfare systems are under attack from EU labour mobility. It makes clear that the national governments have the necessary tools in hand to address any possible negative effects that are brought about by intra-EU freedom of movement. Whatever some on the Right may contend, economic policy is too important for us to allow it to be based on phantom stories created by populist parties out of electoral interest. It needs to be based on facts and figures. It is a fact that European immigrants to the UK have made a net fiscal contribution of GBP 20 billion to our economy in the past decade. It is also a fact that migrants from the original 15 Member States contributed a staggering 64% more in taxes than they received. The more recent migrants – often vilified in our press – handed over more than 12% more than they received. It is also a fact that migrant entrepreneurs are helping to create jobs. A recent study shows that migrants founded one in every seven UK companies, with fellow EU Member States figuring among the top 10 countries of origin of these entrepreneurs. So the free movement of workers is not only a fundamental right, but also a fundamental blessing to our economies. It would be in the strongest interest of all of us if we finally started to acknowledge this important truth."@en1

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