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"Mr President, after the launching of the European Union’s common security and defence policy (CSDP) and its inclusion within the Treaty of Lisbon, some steps have been taken towards endowing that policy with the institutional structures and military instruments necessary to make it an effective mechanism for dealing with insecurity in Europe’s geopolitical neighbourhood. New challenges are emerging which should provide new impetus for the CSDP. Firstly, the complicated security situation in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, posed by the Islamic State. Secondly, the dangerous situation for Europe’s security and stability posed by separatists and Russia in southern and eastern Ukraine, which constitutes a direct threat to the European Union and NATO countries in eastern and south-eastern Europe. Now is another moment when Europe has to deal with the lack of integration of the military structures of the EU Member States. The participation of the EU Member States in an increased number of CSDP interventions has not resulted in a real harmonisation or deeper integration of military structures or a maximisation of synergies. The EU needs urgently to develop the security and defence instruments available, but unused, under the Lisbon Treaty, and particularly PESCO and the start-up fund. It also needs to galvanise the European defence industry on large collaborative projects and, definitely, the step-by-step integration of the military structures of the Member States, in collaboration with NATO."@ro2

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