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"Mr President, I am very glad to have the opportunity to say that I believe that Mr de Graaff’s remarks earlier in the debate broke the rules of this House. I believe his remarks were explicitly racist and xenophobic and promoted racial intolerance in a way that is not acceptable or allowed in the constitution of this House. I would ask you, please, to see that after this debate Mr De Graaff’s remarks on the record are examined carefully, exactly what he said is scrutinised by the President, and that if he is found to have broken the rules of this House he should be censured and he should not be permitted – and nobody should be permitted – to come back in here with that kind of racist filth that this House is better than and does not accept. On the substance of the debate I disagree with colleagues who said that we do not need to talk about this. I think it is very useful this week to be able to talk about labour mobility in the context of Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, all of which are recipients of hugely disproportionate influxes of EU citizens into their economies. That is what people need to understand: this is not about them coming here; it is actually about us going there."@en1

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