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"Mr President, I would very much like to welcome Ms Thyssen here as our new Commissioner, and on behalf of the ECR Group, I very much look forward to working with her in the months and years ahead. It seems to me that the three measures that we are looking at are pretty uncontroversial. They are highly technical. It is a standard procedure. I do not really think it is something that this Parliament can influence, and I agree completely with a lot of what Mr Mann has already said. We have often rehearsed the importance of SMEs to job creation, but here tonight I find it rather strange that we are sitting here to debate agreements which I believe have already been agreed in the Council and the EEA Joint Committee. So I am not really sure what our role as a Parliament is, apart from being informed, which of course we have been. I do not think we should be wasting parliamentary time on issues where we, as legislators, have no role. Not so long ago we listened to Mr Timmermans, whose role it is to foster better regulation. I would suggest that, as a Parliament, we ought to adopt the idea of better regulation to simplify and reduce administrative burdens. I would urge us, as a Parliament, to reflect that in our business."@en1
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