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"As the issues in South Sudan become ever so dire I would like to voice my continued support for the South Sudanese people. The necessity of working with what remain of the humanitarian aid groups in the region, to make sure that the support gets to where it is needed most, is vital. While the resolution is very direct, I feel we must put a human face to the document. More than 10 000 people have died since December of 2013. Many social services are no longer in operation, which has had the largest impact on children who are not able to attend schools and which the violence is heavily directed at. In addition, basic health care and clean water services are currently non-existent. Further, the ever-so-apparent ethnic aspect of the conflict cannot be tolerated. The EU must support the Sudanese through this conflict and reassure them that the safety and wellbeing of the people come first and foremost. We must not forget that this is a young country built, as we are, on democratic values, and while this conflict threatens those values it is important that they be protected and given the opportunity to prosper."@pl2

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