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"Madam President, I fully support the Cypriot colleagues in my own S&D Group who rightly seek to raise a concern affecting their own national sovereignty and concerning proper support for rules of international law, and I am a joint signatory to this resolution. I say to our Turkish friends, we in Parliament join with Commissioner Hahn when he calls on Turkey to show restraint and to avoid any further actions which could cause friction, but I also welcome the Commissioner talking in his speech tonight about the Turkish European perspective and the deeper, wider and closer relationship which the European Union wants with Turkey. I regret that other groups in this Parliament have failed to put the joint resolution into a proper context by not supporting a paragraph, now represented by our S&D amendment, also stating our continued commitment to the reunification talks, supporting the work of the UN Special Adviser, and arguing for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem. I will always try to work in solidarity with our Cypriot colleagues, but I always seek to do so recognising the need to promote and not undermine reconciliation, to encourage trust building between both sides, and recognising there can only be a negotiated diplomatic solution both to the current crisis as well as to the long-standing division of the island. I believe trade and economic activity, and in this case the discovery of hydrocarbons, could be a great opportunity for both communities in Cyprus, and actually help a settlement, and I ask all colleagues to support these positions and Parliament to vote for our amendment. This is an issue of provocation, and this European Parliament should show the self-discipline to pass texts which do not themselves further provoke, but which encourage de-escalation in the interests of all."@en1

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