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"Madam President, the recent maritime incursion into Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone by Turkey is a clear violation of international law under the terms of the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS. This action is regrettable, and illustrative of the Turkish disregard for the reunification process. After the violation it was inevitable that the Cyprus Government would suspend the reunification talks, and I dismiss the Turkish Cypriot claims that any process should be linked to upfront hydrocarbon payments before a final settlement is reached. Nicosia has offered, in good faith, repeated assurances that both communities will benefit from the future gains afforded by gas revenues. These assurances should be taken by their Turkish counterparts as bona fide. Gas revenues offer the opportunity of a vital economic boost to both sides and could act as an incentive to the reunification talks. Similarly, the early return of Varosha/ Famagusta to the Cyprus Government would be a confidence-building measure from the Turkish side. Finally, it is important to note that ratification of UNCLOS or the Law of the Sea is a component of the EU acquis and that Turkey should be reminded of its commitments to implement the Ankara Accords and its obligations, as a candidate country, to fully recognise all 28 EU Member States, including the Republic of Cyprus."@en1

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