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"Madam President, I want to express my admiration for all the people and politicians of Ireland, from all different sides, who have managed to show the maturity and amazing strength of character to bring that awful conflict to a point where we can start moving past it. I really admire this. What I would like to say, seeing how far things have now progressed, is: please, we need to have final justice on one or two things. Some people need to know what happened, if nothing else. I refer again to the Justice for the 21 Group who are the families of those killed in the Birmingham pub bombings some 40 years ago. They still do not know what happened to their relatives. They still do not know! Nobody will come forward with the truth on this. I implore anyone out there, all of the good people of Ireland, all the politicians, please, if you will not speak to me, speak to Justice for the 21. Please let us help these people get some closure and find out what happened. I really, genuinely wish you well, it is a wonderful achievement in Ireland. God bless you all, well done."@en1

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