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"Madam President, I would like to thank the Commissioner for outlining the important role of the European Union in the Northern Ireland peace process, and I would also like to thank colleagues who are not from the island of Ireland who have participated in this important debate. It has been a very respectful debate – as it should be – because it is about the lives and well-being of people. What I would like to stress here is that while we have the word ‘impasse’ in our resolution, we do not have the word ‘collapse’. What we are talking about here is making sure that this is only an impasse and that there is a political responsibility on the parties in Northern Ireland and on the parties in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom to get us out of this impasse. I grew up close to the border with Northern Ireland. I woke up every day as a child hearing about terrible deeds – children, mothers, fathers being murdered; awful, awful stories. My children do not know of that Ireland, and I do not want to see that Ireland ever return."@en1

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