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"Madam President, I would like to thank the Commissioner for her statement and for outlining the funding that has been provided to support the peace process in Northern Ireland. Indeed, I had the pleasure of visiting some of those projects myself recently with my colleagues, to see at first hand the value that this funding has provided in terms of cross-community support. This is support particularly for young people, people who have become victims of the violence for whatever reason, whether physical victims or victims who got sucked into the conflict and ended up being in prison with convictions, people who if they had their time again would maybe not be in that position. There is some very positive work going on on the ground there and it is very gratifying to see it. I welcome this week the intensification of talks in Belfast to reach agreement on the key issues that are outstanding in the peace process. There is an impasse or a stalling, but that is not to take away from the very good work that has been done. The Irish Government will continue to work with the British Government, and indeed with all parties, with a view to achieving a comprehensive agreement for the benefit of all citizens of Northern Ireland and indeed for the people across the island of Ireland. The ongoing efforts to reach an overall agreement will have to address the past and its legacy and only then can we provide restitution to victims and to their survivors. I want to acknowledge the progress that has been made to date from all parties to the talks. There is an understanding that we have so much to gain by working together, and so much to lose if we do not, and I think that has been echoed across the floor here tonight. We are making progress, we continue to make progress. I would like to thank all Members for their continued support, and call on all parties to work together for the benefit of the island of Ireland."@en1

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