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"Madam President, in 2012 the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, and I quote: ʽfor over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europeʼ. Many people scoffed at that at the time, but I do believe that the EU can play a much greater role internationally in peace and conflict prevention, and I know my constituents in Wales want to see us doing that. Despite many brave and positive steps over the past years the peace process in Northern Ireland, as we have heard, still has some way to go. There have been huge achievements in ending violence and bringing different parties together around the table. Tackling the causes of conflict to build a sustainable peace and a just society takes long-term focused and sustained effort. That is why the EU Peace Programmes and the Commission task force have been so valuable. This is the very time that we in this Parliament can and must show our collective will for lasting peace in Northern Ireland and offer our practical support to achieve that."@en1

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