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"Madam President, the European Union has long been a friend of Northern Ireland and I am glad tonight to hear that this supportive role will continue in the coming months. Northern Ireland appreciates that support as we continue to build a peaceful and more prosperous society. We have made tremendous strides forward in recent years towards a more normal, peaceful society. Republicans who once engaged in terrorism, having failed to achieve their goals, now share power with Unionists in a Northern Ireland Assembly, based on an exclusively peaceful and democratic basis. As we face threats from dissident Irish Republicanism we must again ensure that politics and the power of democracy wins through. Our goal is to build a more prosperous, respectful Northern Ireland. Political stability, the effective functioning of our democratic institutions, is fundamental in building this reality. All recent surveys demonstrate that there is a greater level of support for Northern Ireland remaining an integral part of the United Kingdom than at any time in our history. Indeed, such support is based on strong support from both traditions in Northern Ireland. As we continue with political talks aimed at resolving some of the outstanding problems, including the functionality of government, Unionism does so in a positive way. My party wants to normalise government structures, streamline decision-making and make good government in Northern Ireland easier to deliver."@en1

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