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"Madam President, three weeks ago the joint First Minister, Martin McGuiness, updated MEPs about the Irish Peace Process. The following week in Strasbourg, President Schulz made a statement about Parliament’s readiness to help. As this resolution states, the ‘implementation of the peace process has reached an impasse’. It ‘urges all parties to the process to work constructively towards a lasting resolution of the conflict and the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and subsequent agreements’. I welcome the visit yesterday of the Unionist leaders, and I take that as a sign of their willingness to engage constructively. The EU has been a source of support for the Irish Peace Process, whether through the Barroso Taskforce – which must continue – Peace funding or support from Commissioners Delors, Wulf-Mathies, Hübner, Hahn and now you, Commissioner Crețu, all of whom I would thank. This resolution is the result of meaningful cooperation amongst MEPs from six political parties. The spirit of responsible and meaningful engagement which emanated from the drafting of this resolution needs to be reflected by all the parties at home and by the British and Irish Governments, as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement. Reconciliation may take a long time in Ireland, but I believe that it will come – once we all realise that we either lose together or win together."@en1

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