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"Madam President, can I also welcome the Commissioner to Parliament. Commissioner, I look forward to working with you and I sincerely hope that – while I know that you have just taken up office – you will visit us very early next year to see the good work that has been done by Europe in Northern Ireland. I think this debate tonight provides us with a welcome opportunity for the European Union to reaffirm its support for Northern Ireland. We have come a long way in Northern Ireland over the past number of decades and, while a tiny minority seek to bring terror and conflict back to our province, the people of Northern Ireland want to keep looking forward and to build a better society. I welcome the commitment that the Commission continues to support the Northern Ireland Process, the various generations of Peace Programmes attest to this. The establishment of the Barroso task force was also an important sign of the European Unionʼs commitment to progress in Northern Ireland and we must understand that this process is not over yet; the Northern Ireland Task Force still has a valuable role to play and indeed it is promising that Commissioner Crețu appears to be holding the task force in high regard. If one mistake was made about Northern Ireland at one stage many years ago, it was that people thought Northern Ireland was a done deal. Members of this House, it is far from a done deal and we ask for your continued support."@en1

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