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"Madam President, this will be the first budgetary discharge procedure seen by more than half of the new Members and also by a new Parliament. We also have, I may say, a brand new Commission. So we must use the opportunity to deliver clear messages. We have to close the learning cycle, which some Court members are now discussing, to get the continuous improvement we all simply need. This is all about serious work and application, not about grabbing headlines. Error-free or clean expenditure is not an end in itself, it is very important but not nearly enough. EU money can be used entirely correctly according to the rules but it has to be well directed towards a clear objective – to deliver the growth and employment goals which are so important today. Commissioner Georgieva and the rest of the new Commission must have the tools they need to measure the social impact and other results of EU programmes. Member States and regional authorities are our partners in this, and have to ensure that every cent of European funding is well targeted. Please remember: invest these means but do not spend these means. We need a debate on what constitutes good performance in different areas of allocation, therefore the interinstitutional working group on performance must involve players from the Commission and from Parliament, covering all key policy areas so we can quickly develop and implement a genuinely reliable concept of performance in the new funding programmes."@pl2

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