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"Madam President, first of all let me thank the European Court of Auditors and congratulate them. The annual report for the fiscal year 2013 sheds more light on the subject and creates more discussion than ever. According to the ECA, the overall error rate was 4.7% and, if the corrective measures which have already been implemented are taken into account, it was 6.3%. This is totally unacceptable. But I am afraid that what is actually more important is the quality, not the numbers. To give just one example of the reliability of the information the Member States are giving the Commission, the error rate in structural policy is – according to the Commission – just 2.8%. But, hang on, no, take a closer look – like the Court of Auditors did – and it is a whopping 6.9%. So one of the valuable observations in this report is that, in most cases, the national authorities in the Member States did have sufficient information to begin with. We have to fix this. The trail of auditing has to exist all the way down to programme level. For this to happen, we need full transparency of the information already available and simplification of the rules. With these we can concentrate – and we need to concentrate – on what Commissioner Georgieva said when the ECA annual report was presented to our committee ..."@fi2

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