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"It is with concern I note that, when he was Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Mr Juncker appears to have supported a policy of tax avoidance. To regain his credibility and that of the European Commission, effective measures are urgently needed to bring an end to fiscal dumping once and for all. It is a longstanding disgrace that multinationals are able to get away with contributing as little as 1% in taxes because some Member States are going out of their way to have them set up shop within their borders. It is unacceptable that these companies are literally taking a free ride on state-funded roads and infrastructure while receiving support for research and development and demanding protection when they are in trouble, without contributing their share. This is fundamentally unfair, to Member States suffering under extreme austerity rules, to tax payers who are continuously asked to shoulder a bigger burden while losing EUR 1000 billion a year to tax evasion, and to smaller businesses who have to drop out of the race because they simply cannot compete with powerful multinationals exploiting every single loophole. It is time to close the holes and cracks in legislation and harmonise fiscal policies between Member States."@en1

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