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"Madam President, the Luxembourg leaks expose the costs of non-Europe. While our governments in the Council, and the Commission, callously impose brutal taxes and austerity policies, there is little for the middle classes and the poor. They immorally compete to provide schemes for tax avoidance and tax evasion for the rich and large companies via tax rulings, and even via tax amnesties such as the ones offered by the Portuguese Government – with the blessing of the Troika – to the gangsters of the Espirito Santo family in 2012, and many others. We will not have public or private investment in growth and jobs, and we will not have fair competition and a true single market, if our Member States continually embark on this race to the bottom on tax dumping. The Commission must act – and urgently. First: deliver on the ongoing investigations on state aid to Luxembourg, Ireland, Holland and so on. Secondly: support the European Parliament in the Anti-Money Laundering Directive negotiations and in the demand for a publicly accessible registry of beneficial ownership in social participation, including foundations and trusts. Thirdly: deliver on country-by-country reporting, recovering and helping countries to recover taxes evaded and confiscate the proceeds of tax fraud. Finally, the Commission should welcome the commission of investigation set up by this Parliament, because this will only help the Commission to put pressure on our governments in the Council to act."@pt2

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