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"Madam President, once again we are discussing here a new crisis of confidence. I think it is very urgent that the dark clouds that we have all observed are lifted. My group leader has rightly said that the United States, since the last elections, is a lame duck, and the world cannot afford a second world power which is completely paralysed by another crisis. So the EU has to act swiftly. There has been a lot of finger-pointing this afternoon, but let us just recognise that we all have a shared responsibility; the Commission, the European Parliament as well as the Member States. I would like to say that I see Eurosceptics of the Left and the Right are smelling blood, but all they propose is to stick to the status quo. I would like to know from the Commission exactly what the investigation entails, other than the four cases of potential illegal state aid. What about the other hundreds of agreements that were exposed by LuxLeaks? Incidentally, I would propose that the special committee for an investigation, that we suggested be set up in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, looks into that matter. I heard from Commissioner Moscovici, who is representing the Commission in this case, about future legislation aiming in particular to eliminate tax avoidance. We would also like to know about past cases that are being investigated, and I would like to have seen here our Liberal Commissioner Ms Vestager whom, incidentally, I trust 100% to lead the investigation."@nl1

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