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"Mr President, may I say something as a point of order outside my speaking time? No? OK. I am wondering where Mr Farage is today in this debate. He was a specialist in offshore tax schemes in the Isle of Man – he is a specialist and he is not here today! Where is he? My third point relates to the content. I think it was fantastic how Ms Swinburne tried to explain that it is not necessary to have more Europe. If there is one topic now where we need more Europe, we have it here on the table, and it is a clear indication that what you are saying does not make any sense. How do you avoid these practices if not at European level – with a convergence code at the European level, with European tax compliance legislation at the European level? That is my point to you, Mr Juncker. You have spoken about two decisions taken by the College this morning and I am in favour of that exchange of information. In fact I want to ask you two things, one on European tax compliance legislation – because we need that if we want to enforce a number of practices – and the other about the convergence code. I do not agree by saying, like Mr Pittella, that we have to harmonise everything. Harmonise everything at what level? Not at the Belgian level, I hope that is completely crazy, not at the French level as regards some taxation. I think we need a balance between, on the one side, enforceable measures and, on the other side, room for manoeuvre for the Member States based on the convergence code. My call to you is to come forward with these proposals. There is a shadow – and you must know that, Jean-Claude – hanging over the Commission. You know that better than anyone because you have enough experience to know that, and we have to remove it as fast as possible. That is the reason why I ask you to speed up the investigation on the one hand, and to come forward with additional proposals on the other. We have a specialist there. Mr Juncker can be the specialist at the government level but Mr Farage is a specialist at the private level, so we have somebody who really knows how things work. It is not possible to have him but … Yes, Mr President, you can count my 40 seconds and let us hope that he comes back. I have three things to say to Mr Juncker and the first is that we now have an investigation by the Commission. Let us be honest about it. It has to be a serious investigation and not just about three special cases in three countries. It has to be about practices in general. The investigation has to be about whether this is in accordance with EU legislation. The consequences of that are very clear. If this is in accordance with EU legislation, there is no problem. Admittedly, if there is no problem then there is a problem with EU legislation, and we have to work on the basis of proposals by the Commission, but if it is in accordance with EU legislation, then OK. Alternatively, if it is not in accordance with EU legislation then, Mr Juncker, you know you have a problem and we have to discuss that together and accept the consequences. That is my first point. Let us have this investigation but my request is for an investigation before the end of the year. It is impossible for the European Union to continue with a shadow hanging over the Commission for six months now. We already have one lame duck in Washington, it is not necessary to make a lame duck here in Europe right now, so my request is that Ms Vestager be asked to conclude this investigation before the end of the year. My second point is that we need to have a special committee in this Parliament too. Yesterday the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) discussed this and I think there is common ground between all the groups that we should have a special committee. Because this is not only a question of the executive, of the Commission having to look into the matters of the Member States, it is also our task as a European Parliament to have a special committee and to look into these practices. My request to the two big groups, and the other groups, is to support this special committee at the Conference of Presidents."@fr2
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