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"The world has turned a blind eye to violence against minority religious groups in the Middle East for too long. The region has been systematically cleansed of its original inhabitants for decades. The difference with today lies merely in the scale – IS is a threat to almost everyone, whereas earlier violence was better targeted and thus did not provoke such an outcry. Joint actions by global players need to intensify to prevent IS from gaining more ground. It is regrettable that in the Kobane region Turkey is playing more of an obstructive role than helping to stop the IS militants. Our commitment should be to help hundreds of thousands of refugees to safely return to their homes. Creating a safe haven for them will be a precondition for starting a positive reverse process. Returning home is the most human drive and it must be made possible. Since Mosul was taken in June, over 600 000 Assyrians have fled, part being forced into exile. If we do not create conditions for their safety and stable future, we might witness the extinction of this 7000-year-old culture and its people. I regret that during last plenary the EP resolution on Iraq, Syria and IS did not include a paragraph on safe havens as proposed by the EPP."@et1

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