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"I voted in favour of this resolution. The crisis in Iraq and Syria caused by the Islamic State is one of the most severe in recent human history and can be called only by its true nature – a targeted genocide and religious cleansing against different minorities, religious and ethnic in Iraq and Syria, with the aim of eliminating everyone not eligible for the IS fighters. Only joint international efforts can bring relief into this conflict and reduce the level of violence. The EPP Group has called for the establishing of special safe havens for refugees where they can be protected and provided with at least minimum means to live. I call again on the EU and its Member States to assist Iraqi and local authorities by all possible means, including military assistance, to contain and repel the terrorist and aggressive IS expansion. We also need to effectively end the terrorism-tourism where fighters depart from the EU countries to commit crimes against humanity and then return and spread hatred around our communities. The EU cannot feed this violence! It is our moral and human obligation to stop the massacres in Iraq and Syria and prevent them from spreading further in the region."@et1

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