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"I am glad that for the first time digital issues get such a prominent position among EU policies. A vice-president for the digital single market and a commissioner for the digital economy and society have been designated. Coordinated digitalisation of the EU must become one of the new Commission’s priorities. As initiator of the EP’s first report on cyber security and defence, I can give an assurance that MEPs are committed to working closely with the EC and the Council to achieve real progress. Three main issues have to be solved: 1. Full integration of the digital single market – we need a full set of joint EU rules. This means removing obstacles for cross-border e-commerce, first of all eliminating differentiations in the e-sphere based on country of origin and opening up borders separating national digital markets. I call on Member States to fully cooperate in establishing a respective legal framework without further delay. 2. Secure cyber space – involving both companies and public sector – is required to apply the highest standards to protect critical networks and information. The NIS Directive can solve part of this, but one needs further advances in the public sector. 3. For Member States, it should become their highest priority to complete national cyber-security strategies and prepare national digital agendas."@et1

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