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"I voted in favour of the EU-Ukraine association agreement. It is important that both parliaments gave their approval to exactly the same text that was prepared for the 2013 November Vilnius summit. Nothing was changed in it. I see it as a clear sign that both the EU and Ukraine are by now committed to join in the European space of role of law and reforms. However, there will be a disappointing delay in implementing the agreement which was decided unexpectedly only on 12 September. Having secured the role of a third partner, Russia can also have wide scope to interfere in bilateral EU-Ukraine relations, introducing its own terms. It also means Russia has a chance to continue destabilisation of Ukraine. On the other hand, those in Ukraine who are hesitant about starting radical structural reforms could see the delay as a suitable excuse to neglect their commitments, as happened after the Orange Revolution. However, I am glad that the European Parliament with an overwhelming majority demonstrated its commitment towards Ukraine and its European choice."@et1

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