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"I voted in favour of this resolution. I would like to especially highlight the importance of paragraph 12 of the EP joint resolution that suggests and supports preparations for introducing further sanctions against Russia, including the economic, financial and energy sectors. It is especially important to immediately apply an arms and dual-use technology embargo, which means a collective ban on the sale of arms to Russia from any Member State, to be maintained until the situation in eastern Ukraine has fully normalised. I welcome the US Administration taking an important step further by introducing new sanctions covering the financial and energy sector. The EU must follow suit without any further delay. I especially call on the Member States and Council to set an embargo on arms and dual-use technology and a collective ban on the sale of arms to Russia. In the current situation it is absolutely crucial not to provide an aggressor with high-tech weaponry that can be used against Ukraine or possibly also against others in Europe. Therefore I call strongly for a halt to the Mistral deal that would give Russia all the means to attack Ukraine also from the sea."@et1

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