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"Madam President. I am glad to take part in this debate today and to see a focus on those persons who suffer persecution because of their faith. The case of the capture of the young girls in Nigeria is extremely troubling. Belatedly it has brought international focus on the situation in northern Nigeria where thousands of Christians and those of faith have been slaughtered by Boko Haram. In the last legislature, along with my colleague Mr Belder, I hosted Christians from northern Nigeria in the Parliament. One man told his story. He had been asleep when Boko Haram came to his home. They brought him out, and asked him to renounce his faith or be shot. When he refused he was shot in the face. When they left he asked his wife to go to the other Christian men in the village to get help to take him to hospital. She came back to tell him that he was the only one who had survived. These are the stories of thousands across northern Nigeria: men, women, families, targeted because of their faith. It is wrong; let this Parliament have the courage to call it as it really is – the persecution of those of faith."@en1

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