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"Regarding rules governing actions for damages under national law for infringements of the competition law, it has been an amazing privilege to be an MEP, for thirty years, to help in the project of building a United Europe. I am sad if this is the end. As others have said, "it was the best time of my life". It's been amazing to work at the frontier on new problems, rather than the dreary pendulum at Westminster. It's been amazing to work with brilliant people. Alas, there have also been buffoons, able to orate but of rigid antique views, unfortunately more than once in my own region. As a Brit in the EU has been to always be at the back of the queue, because Westminster leaders have failed to take advantage of our leading role. Historians may wonder why Britain's decline was steep: it was due to a failure to face the future, preferring to dream of the past. The problem remains for an MEP who represents millions of people: how to communicate with the voters. The "democratic deficit" remains, 27 years after I apparently coined the phrase in my 1986 pamphlet. To those who return, I say "continue building a United Europe. And I hope that Britain doesn't choose economic suicide by opting out."@en1

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