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"As probably my last remarks in Parliament, I can predict that there will be no United States of Europe including the UK, because of the inertia and silence of Westminster which, like any existing organisation, puts preserving itself ahead of explaining future options to the public. A United Europe is the right way ahead for our corner of the planet. Of course there are unsatisfactory aspects, due to compromises between 28 Member States – such as the need to stop Parliament trekking twelve times per year to Strasbourg, and to abolish the useless Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee. The EU is an amazing achievement: permanent peace, freedom and democracy. Many major problems face us. The greatest is climate change, a huge threat to the way of life of future generations. Another is the growth of cross-border organised crime, which the national capitals also fail to fight through reluctance to share powers. They fail to create an FBI for our continent and a common external border force. I hope that, one day, the EU will directly elect its own President and that I will be able to cast a vote."@en1

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