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"I voted in favour of this report. Europe´s economy is based on entrepreneurial philosophy. Eighty-five per cent of newly-created jobs come from SMEs and 67% of private sector jobs are in the SME sector, of which 30% are to be accounted to micro enterprises. The report underlines the need for reforms to address the question of skills, levels of qualification, entrepreneurship, the impact of demographic change, market access, finance, and labour market, rights at work, administrative costs and better regulation. The basis of everything is skilled workers with high work efficiency. We have to focus on life-long and life-wide learning to ensure that we can adequately face the change into a skill-intensive labour market. Education systems need to be reformed to match the European realities. EU statistics shows how even today 20% of workers have low literacy and numeracy skills and at least 25% has very low digital literacy. Building synergies between states, schools, universities and businesses to jointly develop adequate curricula, especially digital curricula, will be determinant in ensuring both labour market and SME future sustainability. Also, Europe needs to promote, in general, an entrepreneurial spirit, starting from the earliest age possible and offering mentoring programmes both for young entrepreneurs and also for women entrepreneurs."@et1

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