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"Mr President, it is today that with the utmost respect we remember. We commemorate the tens of millions of soldiers and civilians who died during the First World War, which started a hundred years ago. All soldiers do die, but the heroism and miseries remain. At this very moment there are only a few brave men left who can talk about the horrific events of the Second World War, which started only two decades thereafter. Both those wars started because governments failed to take steps when they were needed most, and in that I see a parallel with the Europe our ancestors fought for and the battle we are trying not to lose right now. Beware, our enemy is now within our very own ranks and is listening as we speak. Europe must be liberated from the Junkers’ one-way coalition, which has the end of creating just one Euro-country, with no way back. That will be the end of Europe. Charlie Chaplin showed us the true face of the Great Dictator with his clownish but deadly serious silent movie and we must prevent history from repeating itself again and again, by observing the causes of war and conflicts. Mr Churchill once said, during the Second World War, that never was so much owed by so many to so few. I feel tremendous forces in this room. I hope hesitation and other pragmatisms of our governments, this Parliament and the United Nations will not cause a democracy such as Ukraine to be lost to Putin and his comrades and I hope there is no soul on earth who thinks that forming a European army and one European fatherland is an answer to such a challenge. This would be disgraceful to the memories of our soldiers who defended our nations during the great world wars last century. Just like constitution and country, peace and prosperity are also intertwined but not the same thing. This Parliament and this European Union have the same objectives as the out-of-control leaders of the world wars: to create a state as powerful as possible on the European continent. The true freedom fighters nowadays are not found in this House, they are the voters who will make clear on 22 May that they oppose the unlawful and dictatorial occupation of their nation states."@nl1

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