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"Around 1 million workers are being posted around Europe. The rules governing their rights and obligations are fragmented and often the workers face precarious working conditions and/or are subject to arbitrary controls. This directive will lay the ground for concrete measures on control when inspecting foreign companies, clarify the question of liability and ensure that workers are duly paid for their work. Once the concrete control measures are in place, the Member States will be obliged to communicate those to the European Commission, whereas the freedom and flexibility of which measures to apply is fully up to the Member States, provided those are justified and proportionate. The directive foresees also enhanced cooperation between Member States through the IMI online application that will allow national, regional and local authorities to communicate quickly with their counterparts abroad. Another improvement will be creating a single national website in each Member State. Currently many workers and companies are lost in finding accurate information on rights and duties. This will ensure that everyone has equal access to all information in their respective national language."@et1

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