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"The EUʼs strategic export controls regime has been long outdated and could not keep up with changing world realities and especially with ever growing dual-use technology. This report provides a new strategic framework to ensure high-level security and adequate transparency, at the same time maintaining competitiveness. New threats are emerging constantly; rapid technological changes pose growing challenges in keeping up and being able to build up corresponding resilience. We need to reduce distortions, to create urgently a common market for dual-use items (to ensure also a uniform level playing field for exporters). It is important that the EU provides a model for arms export control to third countries. The EU also urgently needs to streamline the process for updating the control lists, to strengthen risk assessment and exchange of information, develop improved industry standards, and reduce disparities in implementation. We have to be able to track and trace arms export and ensure that ICT and especially dual-use items are not used to violate human rights and threaten EU security. This is especially acute in the situation where Russia is invading Ukraine using military technology sold to Russia by EU Member States."@et1

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