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"Mr President, as this is our last discussion with Baroness Ashton, I would like to congratulate her for her service and her contributions and to thank her very much. Baroness Ashton, you are in charge of a CFSP budget of around EUR 300 million annually. You are also in charge of the budget for the Instrument for Stability and Peace (ISP). Those two budget lines form the context of what you can do with the External Action Service. Here I want to sound an alarm about the implementation of the comprehensive approach that you have made your trademark. I want to raise one important issue in my capacity as the standing rapporteur for the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the Instrument for Stability and Peace. This Instrument is in danger of running out of money by the middle of this year. Under your direction, the External Action Service is doing its utmost to do its job and it does it brilliantly. It is planning to support the presidential elections in Ukraine. At the same time it is working on helping the countries neighbouring Syria with the issues of the refugees. The Service is dealing with the outbreak of violence in South Sudan with a peacebuilding mission. In the Central African Republic, the Instrument for Stability and Peace will also contribute with an action focusing on communities at risk and policing. But, as I said, while the ISP is where it should be, the money is not there to fund all these activities. If this situation does not change, this will deal a heavy blow to the credibility of the EU. In addition to what it has, the ISP needs EUR 58[nbsp ]million this year. I know that Commissioner Georgieva has been successful in securing EUR[nbsp ]150[nbsp ]million in extra money for her budget. I would urge you to engage in a similar effort in favour of the ISP. I can assure you that this Parliament will support it, but time is running short. The last meeting of the Committee on Budgets that can deal with this issue is on Thursday 10 April. Please act to help make it clear that the ISP is a core concern that we want to prop up together."@de2

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